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New Soch का उद्देश्य हमारे ज्ञान के निर्माण के लिए उचित तार्किक जानकारी लाना है। हम आपके ज्ञान को सोचने के लिए विकसित करने में मदद करेंगे।. New Soch aims to bring proper logical information to build knowledge. Learn true facts, Gather true Information, Business Stories, and business models.

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Hey There, I am a writer and your host in this blog "New Soch". New Soch aims to bring proper logical information to build our knowledge. We will help to grow your thinking. Learn social facts, Self Development, Digital Tips and Tricks, Financial Development, Business Stories. Also, we will bring many things to this blog like News, Recent updates, and much more. 

So Let's get started to give some time to introduce this blog. I won't write any unusual thing so just cut to the topic. 

Let's Talk about Us!

Who are We?

As I signified myself as a writer of "New Soch". But I am not the only one who runs this blog. New Soch has 2 signified, well-educated, and Experienced writers I.B and J.K. We both have the same degrees and same experience in writing. We don't want to take our full name (Leanthey and boring) just to know us as our short name. Maybe you don't like our blog but here you only get hardcore facts and knowledge. This is the best way to dig some new interesting topics, facts, burst myths, etc. If you find anything wrong with our facts you can send your feedback or contact us. Your Knowledge will give us New Soch, everyone needs that.

New Soch: Know More to Think


Now, this is a very hard thing to say. We think that this blog was mainly created for Indians. So we will keep our blog mainly English+Hindi = Hinglish. This will help to explain some topics very clearly. If you are facing any problems reading our blog please Use google translator on top of the corner. Please use it according to your preferred language.


Information:- Information is a very loving and interesting subject. This topic will give us a wide range to talk about. Here we'll talk about finance, business, and much more. We love to play with numbers. So we add this topic to change the perspective of finance. We'll try to make it very interesting. In this topic, we will talk about Investing, Portfolio, How to grow your money, How to earn money, Also some myths burst and talk about more interesting facts, the Power of compounding, etc. Digital Growth is Digital Marketing content. All digital marketing processes and growth. We will detail digital marketing for beginners to advance. For some people, blog reading is a monotonous process but once you complete this topic you don't need to buy any digital marketing course you will become an expert. You can monetize your skill in the near future. We'll explain all the digital platforms, WEB 3.0, How to sell through digital Marketing, How to get leads, and all.

Business Stories:- For your motivation we will explain successful people's stories, their business models, their mistakes, and mainly why they are successful. You can't do all types of mistakes to learn from them, You need to learn from others' mistakes. This topic will give you Lifetime Learning lessons.

Facts: In this section, we think about new facts. Critical Crucial news, Facts, Updates, and News. We will think about that in a new way. That's our motto we will give You a New Soch.

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